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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 15, 2010 11:00pm-12:00am EST

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>> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. in copenhagen, this is the response, this is what happen. >> bill: you knew it would happen. the far left blaming america for haiti's disaster. actor danny glover is the messenger. we'll tell you what is going on. also, we will have reports from our o correspondents on the ground in port-au-prince. the situation is getting worse, if you can believe it. >> we are facing a race against time. >> bill: what did you learn from that conversation? >> she is the most guarded woman i have ever seen in my life. and glen beck on how sarah palin did in her first week as a fox news analyst. >> she knows she is swimming in a tank full of sharks. >> bill: caution. you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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"the factor" begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. once again, the great satan comes to a rescue. that is the subject of the talking points memo. antiamerican people overseas call the usa the great satan even though we have done more good on this earth than any other nation in history. once again, the usa responded big to a disaster taking charge in haiti as the american military tries to save as many lives as possible. president obama has pledged $100 million to help the haitian people. that is in addition to the almost $3 billion we have already give than nation since 1992. the heritage foundation estimates that before it is all over the usa will pour another billion dollars into haiti. that counts military expenditures and infrastructure rebuilding. by comparison china has pledged
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a little more than $5 million in cash and aid. how generous is that. russia pledging one mobile hospital and 20 doctors. hugo chavez winding one plane full of relief supplies. keep your stupid plane. iran sending 30-tons of food and medicine. so far, saudi arabia, a wealthy nation has pledged nothing. so you can see who the good guy in the world really is. without america this planet would really be in a shamables. but don't tell that to the far left. in just a few moments you will hear danny glover who could be a nut accuse the usa of actually harming haiti. unbelievable. and on the right, this are still people pounding president obama for reacting quickly to the haiti earthquake. that is dumb as well. there is no question that we americans are the most generous people on earth.
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talking points will predict that private donations from us will top $100 million in addition to our tax money being sent. google and microsoft have already contributed at least $45 million and that will go up. if you want to give money to the haitian people i suggest the red cross, doctors without borders, or the haitian health foundation, that is a charity the factor has contributed to for years. information about the haitian health foundation is on bill o' so all in all, the great satan has come through again. i remain very proud of my country and i will challenge any one who doesn't feel the same way. we are coming for you, danny glover, in a few moments. that is a memo. now, for the top story tonight. the situation on the ground in port-au-prince, the capital of haiti is dire. first up, fox news correspondent steve harrigan who has been on the streets all day long. steve, what is the biggest impression? what has made the biggest impression on you today?
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>> the biggest surprise was something i have never seen before and that is driving around a corner and seeing 50 women and small girls naked, laughterred soaping up on the corner of the street. it made me realize when your house is gone and everything is gone you have to do everything in the street and we have seen people do everything in the street the past few days. in a live shot, a woman was going to the bathroom right alongside our car without any sense of humiliation and you can understand when that is all that you have. >> bill: is there any tension on the streets? bad guys, any threatening situations that you have come across? >> we have seen some scuffles at bass stations, no shot -- at gas stations. no shots fired. but when a cuff starts people get scared and start to run. one thing i noticed is how
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effective people are -- how affected people are even if they are not urgent. checking into the hotel a guy was impatient before me and the guy said the magglio and the house keeper is dead and the doorman is dead so take it easy. you realize if you are not one of the injured you are really affected by all of this and probably in a lot of pain. >> bill: i have been in 72 countries and you have probably been in more than. how does it affect you as a person? how does all this affect you? >> you know, i think i keep a pretty tough front most of the time. i actually did break down on camera the other day and i was surprised. i got a memo before the trip don't cry on camera but i did cry off camera and it is one story that gets me whereever i go and that is when a parent loses a child. it got me in georgia and
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chechyny and here. a woman losing five children and her husband trying to stick by her and calm her down. >> are things getting better? >> i have seen police out on the streets for the first time and red cross convoys. just about every patch of ground is occupied by people with no where to go. i saw plates of rice being given to people. it was haitians, it wasn't the red cross report u.n., it was haitians pulling up and helping each other. certainly a good sign. >> go to jonathan hunt also in port-au-prince. what made the biggest impression on you today? >> two things, bill. first of all, the smell of death that is hanging over large parts of the city. we were in a downtown area that is one of the poorest neighborhoods in port-au-prince and there were bodies out on the street there's.
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many simply covered as best they could be by a rug, by a sheet, by a blanket. we saw one covered there next to the ruins of what was the national cathedral here. that is one thing and the stern is coming from the thousands of corpses that still lie beneath the rubble and that is another issue that struck me today, bill. we saw a rescue team out and that is a good sign in itself but it was comprised of three urban rescue guys who had come in from cancun mexico. as there digging passing the haitians do with their bare hands. they are asking us for help to move the rubble and see if we could find anybody beneath the piles of rubble that litter the completely destroyed city, bill. >> bill: any menacing things that happened to you. haiti is a lawless society when it is working. now you have to be very, very
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careful. >> you do have to be careful. i have to pay tribute to what i have seen is the dignity of the haitian people in the face of this desperate crisis that they are dealing with right now. we have not seen any acts of violence. we have heard reports of gangs but i have not seen it. after hours and hours on the streets of port-au-prince both yesterday and today. things for the moment remain calm. obviously the government itself has said they fear violence in the coming days but we have not seen that as yet. having said that, bill, i would not want to be on these streets after dark tonight. >> bill: you are a veteran guy, all over the world and seen the worst of it. how has this story affected you personally, january o johnatha? >> you never forget the smell of death and it is more pervasive in this one, bill. i would say there are more body buried beneath that rubble than
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anywhere i have been and the smell hangs over the city like a death cloud. that is what strikes me. again, also the dignity of the people. we saw families today huddled together, literally pressed up against each other, cowering under an 8 by 6 tarp trying to get out of the 80-degree sun and they are not crying out. they are not getting any help but not yet at least crying out it and not demanding it. they are getting through it with as much dignity as they possibly can. >> bill: i thinks getting better in your perspective? >> they are marginally with you very, very marginally. there is symptom food and water getting to people and some medical supplies. the american military is running the airport. that is the only part of the city functioning well right now. the aid effort has to be ramped up and very, very quickly. these people need the supplies desperately. right now i do not see any u.n. coordination.
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we see u.n. personnel and some police on the streets but it is still a desperate situation and needs to be improved rapidly indeed, if the governments own worst fears of violence are to not come true, bill. >> bill: we appreciate it very much. steve hair began and jonathan hunt in the middle of the action in haiti. we are asking you directly, will you donate money to haiti to help those people? yes, or no? next on the rundown, what do conservatives think about president obama's response to haiti? and then, far left actor danny glover accuses the usa of harming haiti. you are not goinininin true or false. people who switched...
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. earlier this week there was conservative radio people pounding president obama for his response to haiti. we said that was misguided. joining us from dallas syndicated radio star and fox
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news contributor mike gallagher and from atlanta, martha zoller who hosts a radio show on wxkt in atlanta. i'm sure you have heard and read on the internet sniping at obama over haiti. do you see any validity to that? >> i think he has made progress in the last day or two, bringing on president bush and today thanking the american people. what i'm hearing from my listeners is that they want to hear him talk more about american exceptionalism. we have been with haiti for the last 15 years. we don't know where the money went but we have been there. they want to feel and i want to see him put his arms around the american people and say we are the best in the world at this and we will get out there and get it done. >> and i think that is a legitimate request. when you hear and this happened on day one, hey, it took him three days, gallagher, to
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respond to the underwear bomber but three hours to respond to haiti. you know, i thought that criticism was misguided. so what, you know. he should have responded quicker to the underwear guy, absolutely, but it is not a bad thing he responds quickly to haiti, is it? >> it is misguided and it is wrong and it is uncomfortable for me to criticize some of my fell le conservative hosts but i got to say that we don't need barack obama to confirm or deny the presence of american exceptionalism. we saw american exceptionalism from day one of this haitian earthquake when we already had christian missionaries over there and the outpouring of support that is happening. i got to tell you, sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot. it frustrates the heck out of me. if you want to put it into a political context, republicans are poised to do pretty big things starting next week perhapses in massachusetts and this is a real big mistake and people shouldn't take an earthquake i don't care what side of the aisle you are on and use that as an opportunity
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to criticize any sitting president. it is what the a rabid left do. we shouldn't be doing it on our side and i'm a little embarrassed by some of it. >> bill: you say that the sniping toward the president on the radio and some of the internet sites was counter productive to the conservative cause? would you say it hurts the conservative cause? >> it is the antithesis of conservativism. we don't take an earthquake with thousands of dead and dying people and use that as a springboard to score political points. this isn't a time for that. let's help the people of haiti. the white house is doing plenty with which we can find fault. we don't need an earthquake to beat up barack obama over. >> bill: what do you say, martha? >> we are getting in there and we need to see more ability to get out there and say hey, here is what is happening. there were people getting on the ground right away and i
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think the president deserves criticism where it is due but there is a difference between criticizing and saying what he can do better and attacking him. i don't think the attacking help. get out there and say hey, this is what we will do, we are the best at it. >> bill: what could he have done better? i think the united states mobilized quickly. the military is over there now. gee, geraldo is over there and once geraldo get there's you know things will be looking up. >> gretchen: he could have. >> he could have been more -- >> bill: i'm a tough guy as far as all people and pound for the candy he are concerned. i concede readily that president bush responded poorly to katrina. i think he should have been quicker on the draw on katrina obama in this case, i think he has done exactly what he should do, martha. >> but he could have reached out more and acknowledged what the people were already doing. we didn't need a history lesson from haiti as far as what
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slavery was there and how oppressed they were. we know that. we need to get in there and get the work done. >> bill: give you the last word. >> could have, would have, should have. this is what the left does when they bash president bush. we have to stop this and stop trying to score political point. there are people by the thousands who are dead and dying and need our help. listen, barack obama. >> and we will be there. >> he is doing plenty of things for which we can find fault. we will if continue to criticize, but not over an earthquake, martha, it is the wrong thing to do. >> bill: directly ahead, the most outrageous story of the evening by far. far left actor danny glover is accusing the usa of actually harming haiti. wait until youer that. and later, glen beck on sarah palin's first week as a fox news analyst. $$$$$$$$$
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>> bill: personal story segment. danny glover is one of the most extreme far left actors in america. he made his name in the le that will weapons movies starring along with mel gibson and mr. glover has had a very successful acting career even though he despices his country. here is his take on haiti. >> i believe this is going to be a defining moment for this
11:21 pm
administration what we look for in a partnership with haiti. not one of dominance. not one in which -- in which it tries to extract even more from the pain of the haitian people but a new relationship and i think that other countries in the region, i think venezuela, brazil, cuba and other countries stepped to the point of that. they are all in pair roll because of global warming and climate change and we need to find this, when we did what we did at the climate summit in copenhagen this is what happens, you know. >> bill: i have no idea what you are say. joining us from detroit to translate, dr. mark lamont hill who teaches at columbiaia university. i have no idea. let's start with copenhagen. how does copenhagen in your opinion in mr. glover's mind equate to haiti? >> i listened to the audio at
11:22 pm
least ten times to make sure i understood what he was saying and i think what he was trying to express is a failure of leadership in the global community towards the third world and particularly the caribbean. sesaying the leadership dropped the ball in copenhagen and this is an example of what happens when leadership drops the ball. i don't think he was saying that copen haigen caused this. >> bill: would you concede that the point was a bit murky? >> you listened to it a number of times and came up with something and you are a brilliant phd, a man of letters and extreme knowledge. i a regular pedestrian person have noyad no idea what he is . the failure in leadership in copenhagen on warming equates somehow in haiti to failure in leadership. i get a kick out of him saying venezuela is one of the countries on the point i
11:23 pm
attack. venezuela has sent exactly one plane full of stuff. one. one plane to haiti. i don't know if they are really in the forefront, you know what i'm talking about, doctor? >> the venezuela cuba comparison is a bit curious. if he is suggesting that we should follow their lead in terms of familie philanthropy n humanitarian aid. >> then there would be three planes. he doesn't want a relationship of dominance between the united states and haiti. i guess we should be equals and we are not going to extract anything from the haitian people. we have given heypy $3 billion since 1992. i'm not sure what we have extracted from them. do you know what we extracted from them? >> that is where danny glover makes the most sense. there has been a set of arrangements and circumstances
11:24 pm
have that driven the haitian people further in poverty. there is internal corruption. much of the money they got from the imf and world bank went to the pockets of pappa doc and baby doc. there was an embargo in the '90s that drove more people into poverty. they they opened up haiti to a gull culture, many hey tan farmers were drive noon po it serrity. poverty. >> bill: if he doesn't want the united states to dominate the nation we can't then tell them whether they can have sweat shops and grow there or that because he doesn't want dominance. look, the bottom line on haiti is this. we have tried. bill clinton, you know, america's first black president, as opposed to the second one. >> but he wasn't black. >> and time and money and effort for eight years couldn't
11:25 pm
get through. couldn't do it. couldn't improve -- >> many people on the left, particularly glover would argue that bill clinton is part of the problem and not part of the solution. he says bill clinton is engineering a whole range of processes. >> bill: that is why i think danny is crazy. hugo in his mind is part of the solution but bill clinton who tried his hardest and gave them hundreds of millions of dollars over there part of the problem. i appreciate you translating. >> that is what i'm here for. >> bill: i had no idea what danny glover was talking about and now i have a little bit more of an idea. plenty more ahead as "the factor" moves forward this evening. what were the dumbest things you heard? one of them happened on nbc news. wait until you hear this. sarah palin had a big week on fox news. glen beck will analyze her ♪ [ male announcer ] only tools guaranteed for life could inspire a tool storage system
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>> bil ack to the follow-up segment tonight. world is the healthcare bill just about to be presented to we the people. expect a lot of chaos next week. yesterday the obama administration made a deal with left wing unions not to tax their lavish healthcare benefits injuries right now the polls say americans are split over whether obama care should pass but there is strong dissent and one opposed it the song parody guy, ray stevens. ♪ congress, you vote obama
11:29 pm
care, we will vote you out of there ♪ ♪ we the people have awakened to your tricks ♪ ♪ you vote to let this pass, you will be out on your ♪ ♪ from hannity beck and limbaugh, what you got in mind with grandma, we found this o'reilly fellow on fox ♪ ♪ we are kind of like joe the plumber and when we crunch the the numbers it all adds up to voting you out of the ballot box ♪ >> bill: joining us from nashville, tennessee, is ray stevens. are you a conservative guy? >> you bet cha. i'm right of atil la the hun. i'm telling you. >> bill: have you always been that way? >> i have. let me say that ray stevens is glad that o'reilly found this
11:30 pm
song. >> bill: it is catchy. i was a fan since i was a kid. i remember you on the andy williams program. i remember ahab the arab. you are 71 years old and we haven't heard from you in awhile. you do have ray and you put yourself up there. is this the biggest reaction you have had in quite some time? >> quite some time, yeah. and it is just, you know, i never stopped doing what i have always done. i love whey do but this has been sort of a breakthrough really. >> bill: when you were in the mainstream and you had a number of hits you didn't do political stuff, i mean he tarzan. they were funny parodies but they weren't politically honed. when did you start the political stuff? >> i have always been interested in the political stuff. i just didn't have the opportunity report material actually that i thought would be good to put out there.
11:31 pm
but this song came along and i thought yeah, let's do this. >> bill: in the clinton administration you didn't have the -- it seems that would be your turf there, mr. stevens, you know what i'm talking about? >> well, yeah, it would. it should have been and i apologize for being silent during that time. we the peoplele have awakened. >> bill: you have, that is for sure. when we first played this, i guess a couple of weeks ago, we blue your website out. millions of people went in there to listen to the song. >> yeah, we crashed. thank you. >> bill: no, i'm just glad i could bring -- look, we need all the levity we can get this it country. it is a funny song and you do have very well. i want to go back to some viewers who are as old as i am to a song called ahaw the arab. roll the tape. ♪ let me tell you about ahad the arab ♪ ♪ had emeralds and rubies
11:32 pm
dripping off him and a ring on every finger of his hand. he wore a big 'ole turban wrapped around his head and every evening about midnight he would jump on his camel named clyde and ride ♪ >> bill: you know, you couldn't do that today, boy, i tell you what, you would have care right at your house. what is -- >> well, there was. >> bill: what year was that by the way? >> that was '62. care wasn't around. there wasn't evil intent in that song except for fun. as a kid i read arabian knights and i was a big fan of the culture and i wrote the song as a comedy song just for fun. >> 48 years ago in this country we could make fun of arabs. we had midnight, remember that oasis.dnight at the oh say
11:33 pm
>> yeah. we could do all that and make fun of people in a general way and ahab was the ara arab was a general parody. now, we can't. what ras changed in america? >> we have gone overboard with the political correctness just like so many people think the same way about that. we got to come out of that, i think. >> bill: i don't want to run ahab the arab too much because i don't want them to put it on al-jazeera and have people chasing you around nashville, tennessee. it is and important situation for satirists like you, a man who has made a nice living taking things in the news and poking fun at them. you really have to now be careful. you know, in the denmark guy, the cartoon stuff over there, it as very, very different world than it was 48 years ago in '62 when you put out that satire. >> unfortunately, it is. and but we are having a lot of
11:34 pm
fun with the present situation as far as material for the we the people album, by the way, which will be out very shortly. certainly toward the end of february, i think. by that time we will have the album out. >> bill: and youville, what, all political songs? >> it will be a lot of political songs but just a lot of patriotic songs also. >> bill: okay, good, good. and when that comes out send it to us and we will play a few of them on "the factor." >> i will, thank you. >> bill: good to see you. glad we caught up with you. it's ray is it? >> no, dot com. >> bill: if you want to hear the whole obama care song. we we come back, glen beck
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>> bill: thank is for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the answer beck and call segment, glen has had a busy week so he is resting up today. i talked with him last night about sarah palin's debut on fox news. >> beck, you lost your voice, huh? >> yeah, well, you know, yeah, a little bit. >> president obama put a hex on you, did you know that? >> i think so. >> bill: he has a little picture of you and going. >> a little voodoo doll and jamming it into my throat. >> bill: you lost your voice to
11:38 pm
i will do the talking for both of us. >> isn't that the way the show usually works? >> bill: usually but you don't have to point it out. you had sarah palin on for an hour. we had her down here on the set. what did you learn from the conversation? >> she is the most guarded woman i have ever seen in my life. >> bill: guarded? >> i don't know if you had this feeling. i never met anybody with shields up more than sarah palin. she is someone i think that gets -- people have the wrong impression of her i think because she knows she is swimming in a tank full of sharks. when she walked on to my set, she was googling. she was actually getting her hair and makeup done and googling and talking to people and i said so what's up and she said i'm doing last minute homework and i said why and she said because you are going to ask me about the 25 windows.
11:39 pm
>> what 25 windows? >> the statute of liberty, they each represent different. >> bill: she was suspicious of you? >> she is suspicious of everything. >> bill: but you are one of our biggest fans. >> you have never been set up by people that that you thought were friends. >> bill: but you are so trustworthy. you would never do that. >> but you would? >> bill: but i don't purport to be anybody's friend. >> i know that and you are not. >> bill: you are the warm and cuddly guy that loves sarah palin. roll the tape. >> i want to read to you what i wrote last night in my journal because it is about you. tomorrow i meet sarah palin and family for the first time. i'm actually a little nervous as she is one of the only people that i can see that can possibly lead us out of where we are. that is why i think you are on the most admired list because some people find you to be that
11:40 pm
as you came out of the blue and you did serve, you were asked to serve and you got butchered and you continually get butchered and yet you are still going. >> bill: think that might be a little too softball and a little too touchy. >> i'm getting hammered because i asked her softball questions. could somebody ask her questions that are normal instead of hey, by the way, i would like to cut you from belly to stern and let you bleed all over the set. >> bill: do you think there is any validity that you were too soft? >> on the first meeting, no. >> bill: this is like the first date. >> buying drinks. >> bill: you want to make a good first impression. >> i wanted to have a conversation with her. i wanted to -- i really don't care if anybody watched last night's show. i said this to the producers right before which always makes them nervous. i'm not trying to get ratings with it. i'm trying to answer questions that i have. >> bill: this is like a personal chat that was just
11:41 pm
photographed for the millions that watch you? >> i know that seems odd for the television people but that is what it is. >> bill: let me give you a little piece of advice here. don't use the word odd because everything you do -- >> is odd. >> bill: you asked her one question where i think sarah palin fell down on the question. roll the tape. >> who is your favorite founder? >> well, all of them because they came collectively together with so much diverse -- >> bull crap. >> diverse opinion and so much diversity in terms of belief but collectively they game together to form this union and they were led by, of course, george, washington, so he has got to rise to the top. >> so she is so nonspecific and you ask her what founding fathers and she goes i like them all. i don't think that is good. >> she went on to -- ai grow with you but went on to say george, washington, which i think she kind of in a way
11:42 pm
understands washington because i think she is kind of a reluctant servant. i think she walk inside this -- >> bill: could it be that she couldn't think of any founding fathers? >> could be but i don't think it was. >> bill: because that is the criticism of her. >> here is the thing with sarah palin. she has shields up like you couldn't believe and i until yu get the shields down on her i don't think you will see sarah palin be able to answer enough questions about her. the second thing is i decided that sarah palin cannot be president of the united states until i see her able to eviscerate somebody like you. >> bill: but nobody can. that means we would go presidentless. we would never have a president. >> see she is playing defense where she tou out to play offe. >> bill: i agree she has to drop the shield and when you say who are the founding
11:43 pm
fathers you admire she should say i admire thomas jefferson because he did this. americans expect that kind of specificity. we want to do an update on the bold fresh tour which is at about 400 movie theaters and people want to see us on saturday, january 30th. >> do you think this he really want to see us? >> more about you. >> more about you than it is me. >> bill: go to bold fresh and see us in the movies but we have another live date. pasadena, california. >> bill: happens february 13th because he is a romantic and he said glen, work the saturday before valentine's day and my wife thanks you for that. >> bill: you have the whole 24 hour period to whisper sweet nothings. that is the next day. >> i said i will get up saturday morning to get you a card. >> bill: you will have the money to get her a nice present. >> this is for charity. >> bill: yes, it is. >> in pasadena, california, no knives or guns or anything like
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that. >> no beer. >> bill: no beer. >> check this out in mass deena, california. again, bold fresh get the tickets. beck and i. >> it will sell out like that. >> bill: you can imagine and you will have your voice out by then or h h will i have to sit you on my knee and do a little ventriloquism. >> we might have to charge for for that and i might demand a bigger cut. >> bill: once again, the bold fresh here is a list of movie theaters carrying the show on january 30th and information about the pasadena, california, live program on saturday february 15th. the money from that goes to charity so please check it out. charity so please check it out. the dumbest things tonight, anncr vo: with the new geico glovebox app...
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>> bill: back in the book segment tonight. the bum best things of the week. starring fox and friends weekend coanchor alisyn camerota and greg gutfeld. greg gutfeld has chosen the reverend pat robertson's comments about the devil as
11:48 pm
dumb. roll it. >> something happened a long time ago in haiti and the people may not want to talk about it. they were under the heel of the french. you know, napoleon iii and whatever and they got together and wore a pact to the devil and said we willle serve you if you will get us free from the french. true story. and so the devil said okay it as deal but ever since they have been cursed by one thing after the other, desperately poor. >> now. >> bill: here is what i don't get. i know robertson. i have been down there and talked to him and he is not a dumb guy. the devil, is there videotape of the devil having this conversation? iit is not in scripture. you don't say the devil went to haiti. he goes true story. how does he know the devil was there. >> i only thought heavy metal
11:49 pm
bands did pacts with the devil. this guy does a lot of great work with you people aren't going to remember operation blessing if he continues saying things like this. makes me think he is not surrounded by people who tell him to knock it off. now know this at fox news you have friends thatle come to you and say don't say that. >> bill: no one would dare to me. they have to do it to you. they wouldn't do it to me. >> i have the entire second floor sending me e-mails. they are terrified. >> bill: the devil did come to me at the beginning of fox news and said if you sign up you will destroy cnn and ms nbc. i said i will destroy them on my own. but i never told that story. >> go good luck. >> this is a serious thing. people suffering in haiti. pat robertson is a good man and he says dopey stuff like that. >> not the right time. >> gutfeld there is never the right time unless you have photographs of them above actually in negotiation. >> which i think i do.
11:50 pm
>> alisyn has chose and story out of a local news thing about -- well, let the tape roll. >> the suit case converts into a water proof flotation device intended to help victims of sinking ships stay afloat. the device was first designed in 1915 by a former sailor from alberta -- [ laughter ] >> this is not looking good. [ laughter ] >> all right. to the other entertainment news. here is cheryl rickie. >> it works. let me get this straight. you are supposed to take that on a boat tore a plane? >> case you go overboard. >> and then put it on your shed. >> at first blush i agree this seems dumb. upon further analysis i believe it is brilliant. finally a device that allows you to bring your belongings
11:51 pm
with you when you go overboard. we have been waiting for this. and the only design flaw is that your head goes in the suit case. >> and you suffocate and you die. >> that is a denine flaw. once they work the kinks out of that i believe they have something there. >> there is no way to have the belongings in there if you have your head in there. >> bill: i have a suggestion on "red eye" will you do the show wearing that, please? >> the ratings might be higher. >> bill: no might about it, gutfeld. here is my dumbest thing of the week. you heard sarah palin with glen beck and he asked her who is the favorite founding father and she didn't answer directly. the good afternoon goons at msn mocking sarah palin ever since she was born. if they are so smart why are their writings the lowest you could possibly get. anyway, they are discussing the
11:52 pm
glen beck thing about the founding fathers on ms nbc. roll the tape. >> wow. let me just -- here now. >> no, pat buchanan, what do you think? >> all of them. glen beck said quote and i'm quoting glen beck, bull crap. >> i want to go -- >> that was amicah saying lincoln. some say that was a joke. what do you think? >> i can't tell if she is joking because like millions of americans i have never seen morning joke. >> bill: how about you? >> i think that live tv is no time for a pop quiz on history so i feel for her. but i also think that -- >> bill: they have savegeed her. >> and she was trying to poke fun at sarah palin for being so tentative. >> why would you say lincoln was a founding father. >> she didn't exactly hit it out of the park with her response. >> bill: she is not a dumb woman. >> it wasn't funny and nobody knows that. but we do know that abraham
11:53 pm
lincoln was not a founding father. even if she was joking or serious it was dumb! agreed? >> enough said. >> bill: gutfeld, i'm looking forward to you wearing that thing on your head. >> i will. >> bill: pinheads and patriots is next. tonight, starring baby barack. you are not going believe this one. p and p, coming next.
11:54 pm
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david blaine is performing for 71 2* straight hours. mr. blaine who has performed magic for the people of haiti is trying to raise money to help that nation by doing magic tricks for three straight days. on the pin head front the ring ling brothers barnun and bailey
11:56 pm
circus has new elephant. roll the tape. >> the one. the only. baby barack! >> bill: there is baby barack. there he is. the, is the circus a pinhead for naming the elephant that? we should do a poll question on this as the call is entirely up to you. keep in mind baby barack is a publicity stunt. the no spin news future is open to everyone. usually just premium members get it but we would like you to check it out. not spin new news is my take on stuff we don't get to on "the factor." it as lot of fun and if you like it sign up for premium membership.
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11:58 pm
salina. lanabill, thank you for your reporting on the corrupt n in haiti. i was a missionary there in the '80s and nothing chas changed in 30 years. john from portland, oregon. sarah palin does not provide insight i want to hear analysis, not idea logical slogans. give the governor a chance, john. punditry is not as easy as it looks. >> bill: well, i'm -- that is excellent, rachel. i'm flattered you read my book. and how about our website.'reilly. that is "the factor" website. on the fox news band. it is different from bill
11:59 pm
o' also, please e-mail us with pithy comments from anywhere in the world. o'reilly @ fox name and town, name and town. name and town if you wish to oh pine. here is a word, a brand new word. when writing to "the factor" please do not be a whit ling. this is a brilliant word. whitling. don't be a whitling. i never heard that word before today. >> i searched and now i don't want anybody to be a witling. jack victor. great suits. way to go, jack. and the shirts, skip. excellent shirts. i have time to kill. that's it for us today. "the factor" continues 24/7 on bill o' i'm bill o'reilly. we hope to see you next time. and remember the spin stops right here because we are


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